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Being from the rural Midwest industrial and farming communities, I was exposed early to
the trades that build communities. I spent a lot of time working with the material scraps of
industry and became fascinated with the shop's beautiful red and orange vinyl shielding that
protects the worker's eyes from the UV light. These interests led me to think about the delicate
and temperamental vinyl protecting the workers. The way the delicate and dangerous intertwine,
bone-like metal, and the skin-like vinyl contain the vital fluids inside. This has led me to explore
the barriers these shields are creating, and what transparency and light can say about the
separation of the work and the worker.

Using things like the hard plastic Igloo Playmate cooler I have been able to communicate
what can sit in the niches of the domestic space. This object is bursting with significance to
today's upper Midwestern industrial and farm work. This piece focuses on the working body.
These coolers become heavy in the morning preparing for a long day of labor. The plaster forms
congregate and discuss the labor of push to open. Inside the structure of the hanging coolers
sits its own form in plaster along with the object of its desire, a smashed six pack of Pabst blue

These materials cling to mundane domestic objects. Window bars are sealed with
vinyl, air mattresses are squeezed with duct tape, and latex skin ways down clothes hangers. As
casted bronze toes fill an antique jewelry box, tobacco stains a plaster coffee pot. By using
identifiable objects, location can be filled with vital pieces of the sleepy Midwest culture.


B. 2000, Port Washington, WI

Lives in Chicago, IL



     School of the Art Institute of Chicago                    Chicago, IL

     BFA Focus on sculpture                                           May 2023


     Port Washington High School                                 Port Washington, WI     

                                                                                        May 2019

Selected Exhibitions

     By Degrees II                                                            Chicago, IL


     Ghastly Elegance.                                                    Chicago, IL                                                                                    


     Curious Combinations                                             Chicago, IL



     A Garden, A Hole                                                     Chicago, IL        



     Ox-Bow Goes to Hell                                               Saugatuck, MI



     Pee Pee, Poo Poo Bathroom Exhibition                 Saugatuck, MI



     ArtBash                                                                      Chicago, IL



     INCUBATOR exhibition                                            Chicago, IL



     Emerging Artists                                                       Port Washington



     Emerging Artists                                                       Port Washington


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